The following is a listing of Bon Jovi-related fan fiction stories. I have not read them, and do not check their status once posted.

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Updates (August 2015)

Thanks for your continued patience. Sporadic updates will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

~ Hath

Four new stories from a new author: Chrissie

Don't Be Cruel
Evie lives a stressful life, she wants to be with someone really badly but she has that person at work the next day. Find out what happens to this pair of Evie and Richie.

Hannah is an average girl, average life, goes to school but when a new boy enters the school, will that all change?

Ride Cowboy Ride
Alyssa and Lucinda, they both ride at Apple Orchard Farm and Riding School, they're best friends, but what will happen when Jon and Richie come for a riding lesson?

Unexpected Friends
Unexpected Friends is about a woman called Chrissie and her best friend Megan, who is a aspiring artist. When Chrissie gets tickets to see Bon Jovi backstage, Megan leaps at the chance. Will the dreams they have come true?

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