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Four new stories from a new author: Chrissie

Don't Be Cruel
Evie lives a stressful life, she wants to be with someone really badly but she has that person at work the next day. Find out what happens to this pair of Evie and Richie.

Hannah is an average girl, average life, goes to school but when a new boy enters the school, will that all change?

Ride Cowboy Ride
Alyssa and Lucinda, they both ride at Apple Orchard Farm and Riding School, they're best friends, but what will happen when Jon and Richie come for a riding lesson?

Unexpected Friends
Unexpected Friends is about a woman called Chrissie and her best friend Megan, who is a aspiring artist. When Chrissie gets tickets to see Bon Jovi backstage, Megan leaps at the chance. Will the dreams they have come true?

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Story Directory - English

Status (5-Sep-14) Title Author Hero Note from the Author(s)
FINISHED The Layover Jillianne K Jon For most of us readers, this is the first fiction we've ever read. For many of us writers, this story is what got us posting. This is the infamous Jordan and Jon story. A must read.
FINISHED Ring of Fire T Jon TC is having a little trouble putting the proper feeling into a song, and Jon is more than happy to help her out.
FINISHED Captive T Jon Jon wakes up to find himself in a strange place and at the mercy of a beautiful woman. Is she the victim she makes herself out to be? Or, is she taking advantage of Jon's philanthropic soul?
FINISHED Blood Relatives NorwichLiz Richie When Tori answered the call to help a young girl have a chance at a normal life, she wasn't prepared for the adventure she was about to embark on. Fame and fortune were hers for the taking. Would love be as well?
CURRENT WIPTaking Care of Business NorwichLiz Jon Brianna needed a new job. But she was tired of the boring administrative positions she'd held over the last decade or so - and the lechs she'd worked for. She wanted a job she enjoyed, not just one she was good at, with a boss who appreciated her skills, but treated her with respect, and a work environment that was co-operative with a splash of fun thrown in. That wasn't too much to ask, was it? Jon needed a new personal assistant. One that was competent - unlike the last three he'd hired, capable of looking after the details of his professional life so that he had more free time to spend with his family and developing the charitable organization he'd been dreaming about. At least that's what his wife told him he needed. The chemistry was there right from the first interview, but knowing how wrong it would be to act on it, neither one acknowledged it to the other. They were adults, fully capable of controlling themselves. Theirs would be a professional relationship, only. But life can throw a curve into the best laid plans.
FINISHEDFamily Matters NorwichLiz Richie Life is busy, but good for Richie,Tori and their family. But life isn't always a bed of roses. When bad things happen, they have to pull together...and realize what 'family' really means.
FINISHEDSecond Chances NorwichLiz Jon Jon seeks forgiveness and to make amends for the sins of his past, but will Ronnie let him?
FINISHEDYou Had Me From Hello NorwichLiz Jon Possible inspiration for the song
FINISHEDBirthday Blues NorwichLiz Jon Jon faces another birthday filled with doubt.
FINISHEDHappy Birthday Baby NorwichLiz Richie Richie's birthday is coming up and Tori has the perfect gift for him.
FINISHED CSI NJ NorwichLiz Jon Lindsay left her home to start a new life as a CSI. Her first case was to find Jon's missing daughter. What else would she find?
FINISHED A Lot To Be Thankful For NorwichLiz Jon As Jon and Lindsay prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family, they discover an even bigger reason to celebrate.
FINISHED Crossroads T Jon Bon Jovi has been asked to do an episode of CMT's Crossroads with Sugarland, and Jon finds himself once again dancing with Lust when it comes to Jennifer Nettles.
FINISHED Rip Off! T Jon From The Author: I have to admit the source of this little story. Someone pissed me off. There is this fellow Jovi fan that also does a little fan fic writing on the side, but it seems like all of her ideas for her stories she gets from other fan fic that she's read. I noticed a LOT of similarities between my stories and hers.
FINISHED Dirty Little Secret T Jon This is a fantasy/paranormal romance with Jon as a vampire. If you have a problem with any of that the author strongly suggests you give this one a pass.
FINISHEDSilent Night T Jon Jon meets Kimber in a bar and soon discovers that his usual come-ons aren't going to get him any where. His music and celebrity won't mean anything; he'll just have his charm and smile to work with.
FINISHEDTwist of Fate Stephanie Jon Jon and Frannie and how fate, the funny fickle thing it can be, brought them together and helped heal them both.
FINISHED Love Hurts Queenie Jon A short story; Jon hurts Reese, can he win her back?
FINISHED Sweet Dreams Queenie Jon Can Jon and Cilla find love and learn to trust their hearts again?
FINISHEDA Little Faith Queenie Richie The story of Richie and Faith and how they were brought together by their daughters.
FINISHED Starting Over Queenie Richie Richie and Leana, can they find love again?
FINISHED She Said No Queenie Jon Where would Jon be now if this had happened
FINISHED Thank You For Loving Me Queenie Jon A possible reason behind the song?
FINISHED Our First Christmas...Again Queenie Richie A peek at Richie and Leana and their first holiday together again
FINISHEDJust The Three Of Us Queenie Jon, Richie Who wouldn't want to be in the middle fo these two?
FINISHED Zan's Adventure The Goddess Hathor, Lucy, Stephanie & T Jon, Richie, David Spawned from an interactive fan fiction over at T's place. Basically its about three women who meet on an on-line football forum. They all meet up at one of the Newark shows to meet Richie. This is their story.
FINISHED Chicago: Our Kind Of Town The Goddess Hathor, Gail, Lucy, Stephanie & T Jon, Richie, David This is another Harem Adventure, from the forum on T's place. It picks up with the Harem arriving in Chicago. We hope you enjoy the ride. We sure did!
FINISHEDFor The Love Of Tico Jovi's Woman Tico Alice has had a thing for the hitman for years. She gets her chance to meet him and things just take off from there...
ON HIATUS (2009) Not Old, Just Older Jovi's Woman Richie She may have worked on Jon's body, but it was Richie's she wanted to get her hands on!
FINISHED, but hard to read A Little Bit Of Luck Jovi's Woman David She roars into his life, bringing fun and sunshine back into it. But will she stay?
FINISHEDThanks Giving Jovi's Woman Richie Richie takes center stage, but Jon is there too. A real reason to give thanks unfolds in this story...
FINISHEDHorny Little Devil Jovi's Woman Richie This quickie was written as a fan-fic Halloween contest entry. A little forbidden tryst...
FINISHEDA Jon and Richie Sandwich Jovi's Woman Jon, Richie Don't lie. You always wanted to know what it would be like to be the mic that Jon and Richie share when they sing. Come and find out one woman's experience...
FINISHEDValentine's Surprise Jovi's Woman Richie Richie is set up on a blind date, with Emma, a friend of David's. He's heard the others sing her praises, but has yet to meet the woman. Tonight, that all changes...
FINISHEDMr. Piano Man Jovi's Woman David Who ever thought practicing in the hotel would lead to fulfillment of one of his greatest fantasies...
ON HIATUS (2008) We'll Always Have Paris Jovi’s Willow David A chance encounter in a foreign land re-unites two long lost lovers who have never quite found the love they have been looking for... until now?
ON HIATUS (2008) Edge of a Broken Heart Venus Jon Edge of a Broken Heart is an erotic romantic drama, a tale of forbidden love
FINISHEDLast of the Summer Nights SoulGirl Jon Jon and Lily meet at the end of the "Bounce" era at Jon's Hamptons beach house through a series of a few amusing incidents.
FINISHED This Left Feels Right SoulGirl Jon The story of Jesse & Jon, what happens when love comes second time around.
FINISHED WheJn Fate Steps In SoulGirl, Tre Jon, Richie Its the story of Jon, Richie, Frankie and CC and the little journey they take
ON HIATUS (2011)Light A Candle...Warm A Heart Bayaderra David ** description not available **
FINISHED Bitter Wine SoulGirl Jon A small fanfic challenge to write a fanfic around how a song was born off a board.
ON HIATUS (2009)Blood on Blood Tre and Tresca Jon, Riche Early in the days of Jovi, two young men who are on the road to super stardom learn there is more to life than rock and roll.Richie and Jon are more than just guys, more than just rock stars, but then we all knew that. They find that some things are more than just fairy tales or scary movies. Some things are all too real.
FINISHEDFinding Home Sedona Sunrise Richie ** description not available **
FINISHEDPride In The Name Of Love Sedona Sunrise Jon ** description not available **
FINISHEDSouthern Hospitality AngelSmile Richie ** description not available **
FINISHEDHome Tara Leigh Jon Tessa, a bookstore owner, and Jon meet and fall in love.
FINISHED A Splash of Red, A Hint of Blue Tara Leigh Jon Jon and Bella - The Beginning
FINISHEDSara’s Story Angel Jon ** description not available **
Site redirects to "blogorator.com"The Sauna Opester Jon ** description not available **

ON HIATUS ON BLOG (2009)Meant To Be Jovifan Jon Brief Overview:This story was set back in 1985, New Jersey. Nikki (Long curly light brown hair and dark brown eyes) and Megan are both 23 yrs old have been best friends since first grade and have been through pretty much everything together.
ON HIATUS ON BLOG (2009)Unforgiven Jovifan Jon ** description not available **

ON HIATUS (2008)The Cat’s Meow Cathy Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) Just One Kiss Cathy Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) Lie To Me Orla Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) The Distance Daydreamer Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2009) She Don't Know Me Unknown Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2010) C’est La Vie! Cindi Jon ** description not available **
FINISHEDDay to Day Cindi Jon ** description not available **
Opened to invited readers onlyPictures & Prose Jovi Girls Jon This is the love story of Jon and Katie. What happens when you take a stubborn, independant photographer, a world famous rockstar and all their kids? You get romance, erotic encounters, a few tears and lots of laughs. Join us to find out where their story leads.
ON HIATUS (2008) Then Things Got Worse Kay Richie ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) Equilibrium Kay Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) Chasing Leonardo Kay Richie ** description not available **
FINISHED Bella's Slice of Life Tara Leigh Jon Vignettes of Isabella Jordan and Jon Bon Jovi. This will be a collection of stories that always have one thing in common, Jon and Bella.
FINISHED The Cabin Tara Leigh Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2013) Keepin' The Faith Tara Leigh and Tre Jon, Richie ** description not available **
FINISHED (I think)It's My Life Stephanie (though a different one than the Stephanie of "Steph's Space" Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2009) Second Chances Rachel D Jon This is the story of Melissa and Jon. They meet in an unlikely way and he falls under her charm, but will her haunted past keep her from being with him. And can he figure out whats eating at her and help her before he drives her away?
FINISHED I'll Be There For You Caitlin Jon This is the story of Sarah, a young girl, who falls into a coma, and struggles to awake out of the nightmare with the help of Jon Bon Jovi
FINISHED Wolf Moon Tre Jon A story of what ifs. What if shape shifters existed? What if you found out one day you were one after living a full life not knowing? A Jon Bon Jovi fic that spans all eras from Slippery when wet to Lost Highway
FINISHED Better Than Fiction Tre Richie ** description not available **
FINISHED Switcheroo Tre Richie What if, just WHAT if the guys found a fiction forum. A Richie story with a twist.
ON HIATUS (2011) John Francis SunStreaked Jon ** description not available **
First one: FINISHED Second one: ON HIATUS (2008) The Plane (and sequel) SunStreaked Jon ** description not available **
FINISHED The Massage Shelly Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2010)Stay Shelly Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008) RSVP Shelly Jon ** description not available **
FINISHED His Point of View The Goddess Hathor Richie Lovemaking from his point of view
FINISHED His Point of View II The Goddess Hathor Richie Lovemaking from his point of view...again
FINISHED Come With Me: My Pet The Goddess Hathor Jon Savannah and Richie indulge in a little rough play...
FINISHED Come With Me: The Garden Party The Goddess Hathor Richie Celebrating Richie's birthday in grand style: with a Victorian garden party. Complete with a naughty game for the birthday boy...
FINISHED The Garden Party: Jon and Caroline The Goddess Hathor Jon Jon and Caroline indulge in some naughty games after Richie's birthday bash is over. Sequel to "Come With Me: The Garden Party"
FINISHED Busted The Goddess Hathor David David tricks Jennifer, a fan fic author, into meeting him. She turns the tables on him at lunch.
FINISHED Attitude The Goddess Hathor Jon, Richie What caused the rift between the frontman and his wingman after the New Jersey tour?
FINISHED Lie To Me The Goddess Hathor Jon Is this perhaps the story behind the song?
FINISHED Road Trip! The Goddess Hathor Jon Jon's bemoaning yet another milestone birthday. Thank God for his friends...
FINISHED Homecoming The Goddess Hathor Richie Welcome home, baby....
FINISHED **Quick Pic Fics The Goddess Hathor, LOTS of others Everyone These are picture fictions. Small stories or blurbs based around a picture of one or more of the guys. If you're new to writing fan fiction, this is a great way to get your feet wet. You just have to find a picture that speaks to you, and write a few paragraphs. You don't have to worry about character development or any of that. It's just a snapshot in time. If you'd like to post one of these short stories, contact me via GoddessMail (TheGoddessHathor@gmail.com) and I'll add you to the authors list.
FINISHED Terri The Goddess Hathor, SamanthaC Jon Jon is on the way to see his lady; does his imagination live up to the real meet?
FINISHED Happy Birthday, DeeDee! The Goddess Hathor Jon A birthday present from the Goddess to the Queen of YouTube. Love ya, DeeDee!
FINISHED The Beach The Goddess Hathor Jon Valerie, on the anniversary of her adulterous husband's murder, slips away to the Hamptons to put the past behind her. She has help in the form of a tall, handsome, familiar stranger.
FINISHED The Concert The Goddess Hathor Jon Sterling and Jen go see the boys during the HAND tour in Detroit. Sterling has a thing for the frontman, and seems he's got one for her too.
FINISHED The Concert: Part II The Goddess Hathor Richie This is Jen's side of "The Concert". Her jones is for the sexy wingman, and he's looking pretty good to her tonight. It appears the feeling is mutual.
FINISHED The Salon The Goddess Hathor Jon Diana, the owner of her own salon, gets more than she bargains for with her newest client, Mr. Kidd.
ON HIATUS (2009) Amber's Dream JBJ Bounce Jon It's the story of a Bon Jovi fan that begins dating Jon with varying degrees of fate and life interrupting.
FINISHED Breathe The Goddess Hathor Jon Sophia, owner of Don't Forget To Breathe, a bar in southern Texas, has promised to share with the men among her regulars just what it is about Bon Jovi, Jon in particular, that makes their women go wild. Of course, the night of her "lesson", who should be among her patrons?
FINISHED Thank You The Goddess Hathor Bon Jovi (The Whole Band) Look into the lives of Michael and Natalie, and their experience with The Boys. A testament to their generosity, I'd like to believe this could actually happen...
FINISHED The Rental The Goddess Hathor Richie Julianna, founder of Bring It On Theater Company has a rental property whose latest guests are Bon Jovi. The band is trying to escape the media, and is hiding out in southern Connecticut. Watch as Julianna and Richie, who have both been hurt in the recent past, find friendship, romance, and just maybe, love.
FINISHED Encounters: The Photographer The Goddess Hathor Richie Richie goes to a photographer's studio to get some shots done. A wardrobe malfunction leads them all sorts of places...
FINISHED Another Reason to Believe The Goddess Hathor Richie Quite simply, a Ghost Story. It's not a traditional love story (though there is a love interest in the form of a very real woman, Angel Rose Summerlin) but rather a story about a man's love for his house, the land, and all that history and mystery.
FINISHED Encounters: In The Swim The Goddess Hathor Jon Jon takes center stage in this short story. He takes a cab home to the Hamptons from the city, and the cabbie gets the tip of a lifetime.
FINISHED The Joker The Goddess Hathor David Hath participated in an interactive fan fiction on a friend's site, and her character ended up with David. She spent so much time immersing herself in his music and stories about him (which are hard to find, btw) that he took over her thoughts for quite some time. She couldn't get him out of her head...
FINISHED Encounters - Sue Me The Goddess Hathor Jon Ever wonder whether the Jovi Boys actually read this stuff? Ever wonder what they'd do if they found out?
FINISHED The Morning After The Goddess Hathor Richie, David After one of the best nights of her life, she decides to try and repay the favor...
ON HIATUS (2008) Father Time MrsWhoDaresWins Richie A story about a serious loss, the addiction and love.
FINISHED Rings: This Ain't Your Mama's Fairy tale. The Goddess Hathor and T Jon, Richie This is a collaboration between The Goddess Hathor and T. Fiona and Morganna, fairies in their own right, are responsible for the care and safety of Jon and Richie.
FINISHED Online The Goddess Hathor Richie It's amazing what a few keyclicks on a random FanBoard can lead to....
ON HIATUS (2008) Make a Memory Isabella Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2010) Love's Legacy: Frankie and Jonny Venus Jon ** description not available **
FINISHED Bayaderra's Dreams Bayaderra Jon Little shorts; fun to read!
ON HIATUS (2008) In The Name of Love Isabella Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2008)Thank You For The Music Alice Jon ** description not available **

FINISHEDThe Truth About London SoulGirl Jon Jon and Lily's second story...
ON HIATUS (2009)Under The Influence SoulGirl Jon The story of Colby and Jon, set in the Destination Anywhere Era when Jon is in London to film the movie The Leading Man.
FINISHEDIn It For Love CelticCross Richie Richie messes up big time and this time Jon can't help him out. Enter a 911 operator who may be what Richie is looking for.
ON HIATUS (2009)Dreamscape Tre Richie What if you'd spent you're entire life dreaming about someone and then suddenly you were confronted by that dream? Join Richie and Bailey as they learn about what their dreams finally lead them too.
ON HIATUS (2009) Back In New Jersey Lisa Jon ** description not available **
ON HIATUS (2009) Bed of Roses Lisa Jon Can Jon always get the girl he wants? Who knows? Read this and find out.
ON HIATUS (2010)Hard Times Come Easy CelticCross Richie Richie needs a PA/housekeeper but having already had a run in with Erin, he's totally floored when she's sent along for the job.
CURRENT WIP Snowballs Adventure AliceFayeNC Jon Alexis Maddison is a mystery writer with writers block. who hides away by herself to get unblocked. She ends up with exciting company.
FINISHED Jovi Birthday Blog Various Various Stories written by some of your favorite authors for some of our bestest girlfriends.
FINISHED Toronto Dreams Jovigrrl/Nayeli (she has two names) Jon Finding love via a coffee run.
FINISHED How To Heal A Heart Jovigrrl/Nayeli (she has two names) Jon When you've lost everything you call home, how do you heal your heart?
FINISHED A Secret To Share SunStreaked Jon, Richie, David, Tico A woman leads two lives; one public, and one very, very private.
ON HIATUS (2009) Lonely SilLee Jon, Richie ** description not available **
FINSIHEDOne Wild Night CelticCross Jon It's about a competition winner and her one wild night with the frontman.
ON HIATUS (2009) Greatest Story Ever Told Wylde One Richie ** description not available **
FINISHED Living in Sin Tresca Jon Puppy Jon, no less. This one starts out with quite a surprise....
ON HIATUS (2010) L'Amour A Paris CelticCross Jon, Richie Two competition winners get to spend a week in Paris with their favourite band.
ON HIATUS (2009) Somethin' Stupid Melodie Jon Jon Bon Jovi meets and falls in love with Serafina, a psychologist with an expertise on body language and especially micro-expressions. Both are afraid to tell the other that they are in love with them.
ON HIATUS (2010) Heaven Richiesgurl Richie ** description not available. **
ON HIATUS (2011) Devotion TaraLeigh Jon, Richie TaraLeigh starts with the boys and the opening band for the second leg of the SWW tour: Devotion. Among the members are Richie's little sister who has a hankerin' for Jon, and Richie's childhood next-door neighbor who's been in love with Richie since the day they moved in. This will be an epic tale, exploring the darker underbelly of the 80's and the band's various excesses.
FINISHED Stick to your Guns Catte Sambora Jon Jon goes to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to prepare for a movie role, where he meets Cate, the tough She-Cop who doesn't wanna put up with his crap. But she has a weakness for Jersey boys...
ON HIATUS (2011)Welcome to Whoever You Are Celtic Cross Jon 'Newly divorced and shell shocked Jon is involved in a car accident and when the woman he hits develops total amnesia, he finds himself wanting to take care of her, especially as she has no idea who he is. What neither of them realise is that she was running away from a serial killer when his car hit her and now the killer knows what they both look like....'
ON HIATUS (2010) When Then Becomes Now Tre Richie What happens when you go home and the past rises up to stare you straight in the face? Richie and Melanie find out.
ON HIATUS (2010) Redemption Tre Richie What happens when the irresistible Richie Sambora comes face to face with an immovable force like Alexandra? Redemption.
ON HIATUS (2011)Love's The Only Rule Tre / JonnyRichie'sGina / Bayaderra Richie, Jon, David He came, he Twittered, He found us and the craziness that follows.
ON HIATUS (2011) Something For the Pain Wildflower Richie This story is more about family than romance. Sydney Shepard's parents were killed and Richie is her new guardian. Its a story about their ups and downs as they become a family....
FINISHEDJoviBytes LisaMarie Varied I am starting to explore the world of short stories. So my latest challenge to myself is to pick a song and write a short story around it. The first attempt is here, These Arms Are Open All Night. The first half is up and there is more to come. Let me know what you think!
FINISHED Codename: Kryptonite T Jon Gabriella Prince (codename: Kryptonite) is sent back in time to help President Bongiovi. Trust me, you'll want to check this one out.
ON HIATUS (2011) Ugly JonnyRichiesgina It's about a not so perfect girl who has been dealt a bad hand in life but learns to overcome thanks to good friends and love of a man.
FINISHED You Had Me From Hello Richie's Virginia Lady Richie Dominique has lived a nightmare for three years. See how Richie helps her regain her life.
FINISHED Who's Gonna Be Your Superman Tonight? Richie's Virginia Lady Richie Richie spots Jesse while sight-seeing before a show. See how they fall in love.
FINISHEDWe Weren't Born To Follow BlushnScarlet Richie Jon's cousin Allegra joins the Circle Tour, bringing some unusual baggage with her. Will she find her heart in rock and roll? (Updates on Mondays)
FINISHEDAshley's Story Brrwsklly Richie Doc McGhee's daughter joins bon jovi on tour and catches Richie's eye.
ON HIATUS (2011) Everybody's Broken RichiesRosie and JonsWildflower Jon and Richie Will these two sets of best friends be able to show each other that its okay to be a little broken?
FINISHEDNeed You Tonight Catte Sambora Jon Sometimes it takes a little more than a nice bottle of wine to ease the loneliness of life on the road....
FINISHEDJust Older Catte Sambora Jon Jon used to be young and good-looking. A little dose of reality makes him realize he's just.....
FINISHEDSlippery When Wet Catte Sambora Jon Summer 1986: Jon and Richie go looking Jersey Girls for their album cover photo shoot, and Jon gets more than he bargained for....
FINISHEDStrangers in the Night Catte Sambora Jon What happens on tour stays on tour... or does it?
ON HIATUS (2012) Southern Belle Catte Sambora Richie Nineteen-year-old Richie Sambora feels like he's lived a lifetime in a few hard, heartbreaking months.  On the verge of giving up his dreams and giving in to real life, he finds himself stranded in a small Georgia town.  The kindness of a beautiful stranger and a weekend of awakening may be just what he needs to summon the courage to carry on.
FINISHED Jon's Journal Catte Sambora Jon Follow what's going on inside Jon's head as he tries to deal with business, parenting, love, life, and loneliness on the road.  His thoughts areoften random and frequently entertaining.  "Written" by Cate's sexy, stubborn, silly mate, Jon fromStick to Your Guns.
ON HIATUS (2011) Something For The Pain Bayaderra Richie Jon gets hurt during the 4th night at Meadowlands. He is taken to a local hospital ER, where he meets a nurse named Melody. Melody helps to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and catches the eye of Jon's best friend.
FINISHED BJ's Quickies BJLuver Various These are erotic stories that will deal with fetish ideas, including (but not limited to) role play and bondage.
ON HIATUS (2012) Damned Lisa Marie Jon What happens when you take one stale marriage, and unappreciated wife and add one rock star? You are Damned!
ON HIATUS (2011) Music Business Sambora's Answer and TotallySambora Richie This story is simply Richie dealing with all aspects that revolve around the business of music including love and of course the music itself.
FINISHED Brilliant Disguise Super Kiwi Jon Devon Scott owns the upcoming Soho Beauty Clinic Allure. She’s a Kiwi girl that’s made her way living the American Dream and leading a quiet sheltered life, ironically in the heart of New York City. But Devon’s dream life isn’t all champagne and roses. She hides a terrible secret from her past that saw her fleeing from her home country, never to return. She has resigned herself to a solitary life...Until she meets the one man that challenges everything she’s accepted in her new way of life, but can she let him in?
FINISHED Thorn in my Side Toti Richie About the one liner...I'm being a bitch about giving any hints. All I can say is that this story is a labour of love, but the devil gets in the way.
ON HIATUS (2013) The Fastest Way Out of Jersey Chels Jon Chels is a typical 16 year old who lives with her sister and gets into trouble with her sister on the morning of her first day of senior high and her sister Mel upsets her by reminding her of their mum's death and she ends up going to school in tears but she finds herself ending up with her crush the most popular guy in Sayreville War memorial high; John Bongiovi.
ON HIATUS (2014) Shot Through The Heart Chels Jon Chels, Karla and Dorothea are 3 typical adults who live together in the same house when one morning chels wakes up to facing her two best friends/flat mates fighting over whose turn it was to cook breakfast that morning and then all the sudden Chels finds herself getting an invite to dinner from Dot's ex Jon Bon Jovi and she had only one thing to worry about: what was she going to wear to the date so she goes shopping for an outfit with the help of Dorothea.
FINISHEDRiver of Love Jan Baxter Richie She left him a year ago...he comes back to find her.
FINISHED Learning Patience BlushnScarlet Jon Patience is a Virtue
ON HIATUS (2012)The PA Sue Jon It's about a small town girl from CT who goes for a job interview in NYC, not knowing she's about to meet and work for Jon.
FINISHEDIrish Whiskey blushnscarlet Richie His wife filed for divorce and didn't bother to tell him. He had to find out from a reporter. Happy friggin' Groundhog Day. Seeking some comfort to make it through the night, Richie finds solace in a little Irish Whiskey.
FINISHED Love for Sale Emerald Isle and Audra Thomas Jon When your world is turned upside down, is it possible to start all over?
ON HIATUS (2012) Learning to Live Again Ascarya Jon *** Not available
FINISHED Fields of Gold Emerald Isle Jon The story of Jenn and Jon - where the worlds of horses and rock'n'roll combine!
ON HIATUS (2014) She's a Mystery Summer Jon She is an enigma who turns Jon's life upside down and inadvertently flirts with disaster simply by being alive
ON HIATUS (2014) Always Run to You Summer Jon *** Description not available
ON HIATUS (2014) You're Not Alone Summer Richie *** Description not available
FINISHED Fistful Of Tears Summer Jon *** Description not available
FINISHED Melody's Story Pirate Jon About how Melody and Jon met at the beginning of 2011. Before the tour started and how the tour will go. And if their love will get through the tour too. Would their lives fit together, jobs, children and love.
CURRENT WIP If That's What It Takes CatteSambora Jon Jon and Cate discover the true worth of their relationship as they struggle to complete their family.
Opened to invited readers only These Days Summer Hugh Good guys don't always finish last.
FINISHED Home Fires TaraLeigh Jon It's Christmas 2011 and Tessa and Jon are having trouble connecting.  They have to remember that schedules, family, and music are only part of their lives...and that the home fires are always burning.
ON HIATUS (2011) Misunderstood Tre & Alice Faye Jon & Richie Welcome to the Live and adventures of Brooke and Eden, two girls making their way through life. One who takes a standard route and another who decides to do things a bit differently and both end up finding the Jovi guys.
ON HIATUS (2012) Love Lies Shotthroughtheheart98 Richie *** Not available
ON HIATUS (2012) Nobody's Hero shotthroughtheheart98 Jon (& Richie too) Kmae Bruce's story starts out in New Jersey, where she meets Jon Bon Jovi, her newest love of her life. The story starts in 1983, during the "Runaway" era. Jon's new band, Bon Jovi, is just starting out, and she's learning the hard way on how the band's success might tear her and Jon's love apart, as he's on the road every day, and is basically surrounded in women. Will he leave Kmae for success? Or will their love overcome everything?That's not the only problem. Jon's best friend has a thing for Kmae, and she doesn't want anything to do with him. She wants Jon and only Jon. Jon starts getting mad at Richie for his love for Kmae, and soon their friendship is questionable. Will Jon protect Kmae from Richie? Or will he lose his friendship? Writer of the story "Love Lies" brings you another hot, romantic Bon Jovi fanfiction filled with Love, Hate, and Music.
CURRENT WIP Have a Little Faith Tori Alainn Jon "Faith makes all things possible....love makes all things easy" If only she believed it. Now, he wants to make it up to her. If only she could have a little faith...
FINISHED The Answer Pirate Richie Can the answer to everything be love?
ON HIATUS (2013) 1975 Chels Jon Chels is 13 years old; she lives in Sayreville; New Jersey with her sister Mel and she woke up one morning to her private phone line ringing and it was one of her best mates Dorothea ringing to find out if Chels was still going to school that day because it was the first day of junior high and of course Chels freaked because she had no idea what to wear and yet again she asked Dot for help and she was freaking out also because she didnt want her crush John Bongiovi to see her show up at school in some ugly and dorky outfit.
ON HIATUS (2012) No Regrets (Love Lies Part 2) ShotThroughTheHeart98 Richie Jon's over Kmae. Now ring married to Krystal and having Kitaen, and Kmae has happily been with Richie, and their baby girl, Ireland. But now, will Richie's success hurt their family? With Alec gone from the band, will Bon Jovi's success be over?
FINISHED Save a Prayer Bee Richie Successful New York magazine editor Samantha West lives a single, jaded life, until she meets famed guitarist Richie Sambora, who has battled his own demons in the past. Together, they embark on a journey of healing, growth, and trust as they teach other how to love again. Heartbreak and loss are never very far off, but in the end they learn that what's meant to be will always find a way.
ON HIATUS (2012) Lie to Me Bee Jon Erin and Jon's worlds collide when they meet in the unlikeliest of places and find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another. It all starts out innocently enough, but soon they find themselves in a tangled web of deceit and betrayal, while nightmares lurk in the shadows and threaten to ruin everything...
FINISHED One Wild Night DanAndAnnNJ Tommy and Gina Tommy and Gina's Story
ON HIATUS (2012) Perfect Storm BlushnScarlet Jon Even a tropical storm can't dampen a trip to Paradise...
ON HIATUS (2013) but Author working (as of 7/2014)Country Lovin' Lisa Sambora Richie ** No description Provided **
FINISHEDAfter the RainBlushnScarlet and Audra ThomasJonThe sequel to Perfect Storm. The memory of one stormy tropical night is unexpectedly jogged on a cold, New York evening.
FINISHEDWilling to TryPirateRichieThe follow up of Richie and Sarah's story The Answer. Are they willing to try? Where will their new relationship bring them? Where will this roller coaster ride go, the ups, the downs, and certainly the loops. Will their relationship stand?
FINISHEDFocused on You BlushnScarlet Tony Bongiovi A behind-the-scenes kind of guy finds himself as the center of one very mysterious and determined fan's attention.
CURRENT WIPEvery Road Leads to London Anonymous Richie What happened after the concert in London, one of my biggest dreams I never thought could come true...
ON HIATUS (2013)Just For You Darlin' SamboraLady Richie Jocelynn Reid and how the path she chose for life changed with a phone call and she moves in with the Sambora family.
FINISHEDAll That Really Matters Pirate Richie The third installation in the story of Sarah and Richie. Recently married, how does married life treat them?
FINISHEDBeautiful Nightmare Jessica Anne Jon A story about attraction, enticement and infidelity. Could he put everything on the line for just one night of ecstasy?
ON HIATUS (2013) Finding Home Little Ladybug Richie *** Description not provided by the author ***
ON HIATUS (2014) I Got the Girl A Jon A story about what happened when Jon met a beautiful, mysterious ballerina named Georgia.
ON HIATUS (2014)Captain Kidd T Jon This story might seem familiar to some of you. It began as an interactive fan fiction on a message board, where if you posted on the thread you became a part of the story. I had a number of requests to do a re-write and put Sam and Jon's story into a format that would work better on blogger and read more like an actual story than a message board thread like it started out.
CURRENT WIPBeautiful Nightmare: Unexpected Connection Jessica Anne Jon The second installment: A past mistake, that turned his world as he knew it upside down, reappears in his life with unexpected news. Can he learn to let go of the past, and accept the hand that he’s been dealt, to find happiness in his future?
FINISHEDThat's What the Water Made Me Jon's WhiteMic Jon Jon falls in love with a financial advisor after he decides he wants a divorce from Dorothea. The romance blossoms quickly - but distance is their problem. She lives in L.A. and he lives in N.Y.C. She has had a medical emergency, with Jon being her savior and tha makes him love her, need her even more.
CURRENT WIPAfter All Audra Thomas and blushnscarlet Jon What is meant to be will always find a way. This story is the sequel to Audra Thomas and Emerald Isle's story "Love For Sale".
CURRENT WIPThe Poet Kira Jon It´s a story about meeting two men, the one is her Dreamman, the other one is the Realman. Which one will she choose? (this story was translated from German by a friend of the Author's)
CURRENT WIPHard Times Come Easy Pirate Richie Why did Richie walk away from the tour? Family life comes first.
CURRENT WIPSI'll Always Walk Beside You Teri Richie Who would have thought, that I, Richie Sambora, would have finally settled down? I have a fantastic gorgeous wife, three amazing kids, and a couple of great dogs thrown into the mix. I am home. I found contentment. Yeah, that’s what it is - total and complete contentment. Even with the craziness that my life is. It’s still contentment. Why, I wonder? Easy answer. It’s real, and it’s MY life.
CURRENT WIPDon't Be Cruel Chrissie Richie Evie lives a stressful life, she wants to be with someone really badly but she has that person at work the next day. Find out what happens to this pair of Evie and Richie.
CURRENT WIPAlways Chrissie Richie Hannah is an average girl, average life, goes to school but when a new boy enters the school, will that all change?
CURRENT WIPRide Cowboy Ride Chrissie Richie Alyssa and Lucinda, they both ride at Apple Orchard Farm and Riding School, they're best friends, but what will happen when Jon and Richie come for a riding lesson?
CURRENT WIPUnexpected Friends Chrissie Richie/Jon Unexpected Friends is about a woman called Chrissie and her best friend Megan, who is a aspiring artist. When Chrissie gets tickets to see Bon Jovi backstage, Megan leaps at the chance. Will the dreams they have come true?

Authors' Main Sites

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Many of the authors listed above have "main sites" where they post all their work, other non-Jovi stories, and blog about their days.

You may want to check some of these out....

Website Author
TaraLeigh's Fan Fiction Playground Tara Leigh
T's Little Slice of the Web T
The Goddess Hathor...a site devoted to my obsession... The Goddess Hathor
Queenie's Corner Queenie
Joviswoman's Little World Jovi's Woman
The World of Jovi's Willow Jovi’s Willow
Tre's Fantasy Zone Tre
Dreams to Words Venus
Sunstreaked's Corner SunStreaked
Shelly’s Stories Shelly
A Little Bit Of SoulSoulGirl
Liz's LairNorwich Liz
Bee's NookBee
Florida Fiction MuseJBJ Bounce
Angel Wings FictionAngel

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Title Author Hero Language Description
Never Say Goodbye Murmele Jon German
** nicht lieferbar **
Melancholie JoviFun Jon German
** nicht lieferbar **
Wedding Day JoviFun Jon German
** nicht lieferbar **
Life is Changing JoviFun Jon German
** nicht lieferbar **